About Us

Pet Deli. “We Don't Bark, We Simply Deliver” (ABN: 50287246230)

The Pet Deli concept was originally developed out of one person's passion for his dogs and went online in 2004. Since then this business has gone from strength to strength and has developed into a very busy and successful online business.

At present we continue to deliver to the door for customers right across the Sydney metropolitan area and we are also shipping orders to many customers all over Australia, including some of the most remote places imaginable. Wherever the demand for quality pet food exists, we will deliver.

The management of Pet Deli maintains a strong commitment to supplying premium, super premium, natural, organic and holistic dog and cat food, health care products, and accessories. We are more concerned with the actual ingrediants in the food and health care products than selling a product simply because of the brand name. The management also prioritizes the delivery of a high quality of customer service to our clients. All of this is driven by our love and passion for all animals and other living things, especially our pet friends.

Based on our research and personal experience in keeping pets for many years, we firmly believe that there is NO comparison between feeding pets a quaility food containing natural ingrediants which are high in nutritional value and food that is cheap and does not contain quality ingrediants and often preservatives/chemicals that are carcinogenic. When you break down the feeding costs on a day-to-day basis, premium and super premium dog and cat food is very comparable in price (and far higher in quality) to your average commercial brand pet foods as pets will feel full after a smaller amount of quality food than they will with ordinary food. This is because the premium, super premium and holistic formulas take longer to digest than cheaper foods.  An unhealthy pet can end up costing you far more in vet bills in later life and a healthy pet is a happy and energetic pet. We know buying quality food in bulk (large bag sizes) is the best way to go for both value for dollar and the well being of your pets.

Pet Deli’s aim is to provide our clients with a convenient way to purchase quality food and other pet products. We all know that dog food can be heavy and cumbersome to carry and we can't always make that special trip to the pet store or supermarket to buy our pet food….so why not let us “deliver to your door”.

We have designed the site to be simple to use by easy product selection tools and the “food wizard". If you haven’t used that yet I suggest you give it a try. You can also have a standing order set up for you (a regular repeated delivery of your order monthly, weekly etc.) simply by contacting the office on 0405350920, which will make ordering your pet food that much simpler again.

Let Pet Deli make buying your pet products as simple as possible and we look forward to meeting you and your pets soon.